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  • Performance Analysis of Stain Less Steel Conical Probe ...

    2020-4-19  Abstract: The multi hole conical probe is extensively employed in the fluid fields for estimating the overall and static pressure and velocity of the vibrant fields. The probe is formed by stainless steel which is utilized in the wind tunnel to determine the

  • HANNA instruments Agricultural Catalog - Hanna

    It is supplied with two probes: HI 76305 with a stainless steel conical tip for direct soil measurement and HI 76304 for fertilizer enriched solutions. Salt activity Salt activity Accuracy (@20°C/68°F) ±2% F.S. (0 to 15.00 mS/cm; excluding probe error) (1) 9V Battery...

  • Direct Soil Activity and Solution Conductivity

    The HI993310 is a rugged, portable meter that has been designed to address the need for fast and accurate conductivity measurements in liquids and soils. The HI993310 directly measures soil solution conductivity in EC (mS/cm) as well as soil activity (g/L). It is supplied with two probes: HI76305 with stainless steel, conical tip for direct soil measurement and HI76304 for fertilizer enriched ...

  • Direct Soil Activity and Conductivity measurement kit ...

    2020-4-13  Two Probes – The HI76305 is a stainless steel EC probe that features a conical tip and internal temperature sensor to allow for accurate, direct, and temperature compensated measurements of soil activity in g/L. The HI76304 is a durable, two-ring EC probe that features an internal temperature sensor to allow measurement in nutritive solutions ...

  • Barista Grinder ZD-17N Conical - Mattina Coffee

    The illuminated cradle assists in seamless and accurate grind delivery directly into the group handle. Adjustable grind and easy Calibration. This precision grinder uses a belt drive and dual bearings to minimise any conical burr movement. Appearance Stainless steel

  • FAQs – Tilt Hydrometer

    Does the Tilt work in stainless steel conical fermenters? A. Yes. We have hundreds of customers using the Tilt in a variety of SS fermenters. You will have reduced Bluetooth range and will need to place your smartphone/tablet closer to your fermenter to receive data.

  • NKG Glossmeters - NEURTEK - PDF Catalogs

    NK Gloss your quality control instruments provider INTRODUCING THE NOVO-GLOSS SINGLE, DUAL AND TRIGLOSS GLOSSMETERS GLOSS measurements are fully compatible with existing Novo-Gloss Lite and Micro-TRI-gloss results. Single 60°, Dualgloss 20/60° or Trigloss 20/60/85° versions are for maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications.

  • Liquid Handling Products witeg Labortechnik GmbH

    Home of Innovations. It is our goal to offer you a high-quality instrument for all tasks in the liquid handling sector. Therefore, we produce and sell a wide range of products for pipetting, dispensing and titrating which covers all demands here.

  • the Barista Express - Breville

    2015-11-18  Stainless steel conical burrs maximise ground coffee surface area for a full espresso flavour. AdjUSTABLE GRINd SIZE 18 grind settings (fine, 1–16, coarse) from coarse to fine for optimal espresso extraction. HANdS FREE dIRECT GRINdING INTO PORTAFILTER Auto stop for hands free grinding direct into portafilter. AUTOMATIC dOSING

  • Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder [REVIEW] –

    The machine uses 40mm stainless steel conical burr set, it weighs 6.8lbs (3.1kg) and has measures of 7.5 x 7 x 14’ (19.1 x 17.8 x 35.6cm) – it’s a small grinder that won’t take up too much kitchen space.The exterior looks very similar to the Virtuoso and Preciso, but instead of a stainless steel exterior, it uses plastic (just like the hopper and ground container).

  • Tecan 产品目录_图文_百度文库

    2013-7-30  Tecan 产品目录_物理_自然科学_专业资料 1612人阅读152次下载 Tecan 产品目录_物理_自然科学_专业资料。Product Catalog 2005 Welcome to the 2005 Tecan product catalog, which contains our full range of p

  • (PDF) The Verification of the Mechanical Properties of ...

    of Stainless Steel AISI 316L with a Poi sson ratio of 0.30 and Young’s m odulus of 200 GPa (as the ݒ ௜ and ܧ ௜ in Equ ation (1)). In the calculation using Equation (1), the S is the slope ...

  • We're the 'Welcome to Night Vale' Team, and This Is

    Welcome to Night Vale is a community radio broadcast from a fictional American desert town where everything paranormal happens at once. Several times a year, this fiercely beloved horror-comedy ...


    Page 71 35°C / 95°F 0°C / 32°F -40°C 50°C 80°C 100°C 130°C -40°F 122°F 176°F 212°F 266°F -40°C / -40°F Fig. 52: Ambient temperature - Process temperature, metal-jacketed lens antenna up to +130 °C (266 °F) Ambient temperature Process temperature Aluminium housing Plastic housing Stainless steel housing, precision casting ...

  • 10Micron GM2000 HPS "Ultraport" GoTo Mount

    1.6" (40 mm) diameter stainless steel, 9 lb (4 kg) Counterweights (optional) 13.2 lb (6 kg) and 26.2 lb (12 kg), stainless steel, no-mar locking: Polar Alignment Scope: NO polar alignment scope required - extremely accurate software alignment routines eliminate the need for a polar alignment scope. Operating Temperature (standard) - 15° C to ...

  • Maximum Likelihood approach to calibrate hysteretic ...

    In this study, the hysteresis errors of 17-4 PH precipitation hardened stainless steel, aged Cu–Be (copper beryllium) alloy and AISI 4340 steel, which are commonly used as spring materials for ...

  • IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and

    The 316L stainless steel is selected as the printing material in the experiment. And based on the control variable method, it takes the three major parameters of the laser power, the scanning speed and the powder feeding rate as variables to study the influence on the rule and mechanism of the processing parameters on macro forming quality.


    Page 1 Model JM4 HART Installation and Operating Manual ® Software v1.x Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter...; Page 2 Performance specifications are effective with date of issue Conventions Used in this Manual and are subject to change without notice. Magnetrol reserves Certain conventions are used in this manual to convey the right to make changes to the product described in this specific ...

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  • GL规范2010 - MBA智库文档

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  • Dictionary of Industrial Terms - Wiley Online Library

    Summary This chapter contains sections titled: A Class Items A priori analyses A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC, or Programmable Controller) A to D or A/D Converter A.C. Electrical Variable Spe...

  • Peer Reviewed Journal - IJERA

    2017-6-3  International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research ..

  • Mooney Viscometer - MooneyCheck - Drive Gibitre

    Mooney Viscometer controlled by Personal Computer for the performance of Viscosity, Scorch and Stress Relaxation tests. - The Mooney viscometer is a shearing-disc viscometer, which permits to measure the Mooney viscosity, Pre-curing (scorch) and Stress Relaxation Characteristics of uncompounded or c

  • 10Micron AZ2000 HPS Mount - Astro Mounts

    Description This mount is the last version of the AZ2000, an altazimuth mount based on the mechanics of the GM2000. The AZ2000 HPS is a very versatile research mount, perfect for scientific activities such as satellite tracking, photometric and astrometric measurements, LiDaR laser applications and so on. Due to its altazimuthal design, it’s necessary to use an optional field de-rotator ...

  • search read.pudn

    2008-5-11  ringing, automatic rope, steel rotaion, polarization rotatio, Faraday 路由,通路,路線 路由器,路由繞送器 route, alternate route, alternative 替代路由,迂迴路由 ...

  • A-14C-1US Sartorius

    Automatic conversion of speed and RCF Speed 200-15,000 min-1, adjustable in steps of 100 min-1 Max. gravitational field (RCF) 16,602 g, adjustable in increments of 10 x g

  • Compression Set - Adjustable - Compression Set ...

    Compression Set device made of Stainless Steel with adjustable distance between the plates - The instrument is designed for the execution of tests on finished articles because the distance of the plates can be adjusted according to the thickness of the samples and of the deformation to be applied.


    2016-11-17  The invention relates to a more accurate system for calibration and/or characterization of temperature measurement instruments by telemetry, involving a reference unit with thermal gradient defined by a disc with thermal gradient, comprising at least one concentric heat diffuser metal ring, with temperature sensors that generate a staggered radial temperature profile mechanically linked with a ...

  • Abstracts - 2018 - Basic amp; Clinical Pharmacology

    The electrolytic component contains a stainless steel container, water circulation pump, electrolysis device and a set of PVC pipe lines. The PCO unit with effective titanium dioxide coated surface of area of 2850 cm 2. The UV lamp wavelength was 254 nm with UV lamp length of 29 cm. The PCO unit was constructed by stainless steel.

  • US6886284B2 - Firearm microstamping and

    US6886284B2 US10/232,766 US23276602A US6886284B2 US 6886284 B2 US6886284 B2 US 6886284B2 US 23276602 A US23276602 A US 23276602A US 6886284 B2 US6886284 B2 US 6886284B2 Authority US United States Prior art keywords surface indicia chamber firearm identifying indicia Prior art date 1999-10-08 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal

  • IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and

    Multiple-trackof 17-4 stainless steel powder was deposited on 316 stainless steel substrate using laser metal deposition, an additive manufacturing process. In this research, laser power was varied between 1.0 kW and 2.6 kW with scanning speed fixed at 1.2 m/s.

  • Qualification Workbook - MBA智库文档

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  • Troubleshooting operations

    An operator of a spray dryer is exposed every day to situations where he has to decide what to do if, for instance, the final moisture content of the product is suddenly too high. On the other hand there are troubleshooting operations requiring great effort in analyzing the situation and proposing a strategy for tackling the problem.

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  • 【bathtub什么意思啊】- CSDN


  • Nanjing University of Science and Technology

    2016-1-6  Thermomechanical processing optimization for 304 austenitic stainless steel using artificial neural network and genetic algorithm ... Empirical-likelihood-based Test for Partially Linear Single-index Models with Error-prone Linear Covariates Parametric analysis of ...

  • Sensors February 2015 - Browse Articles

    The microchip agent processing platform used for the execution of the agent code is a standalone multi-core stack machine with a zero-operand instruction format, leading to a small-sized agent program code, low system complexity and high system performance. The agent processing is token-queue-based, similar to Petri-nets.

  • A video-optical system for time-resolved whole-body ...

    Fig. 2a illustrates the video-optical unit of the experimental apparatus developed in this study.It includes a CMOS camera (B/W, 2344×1728 pixels, 30 fps) equipped with a 28÷105 mm objective that focuses the virtual image of the sample mounted coaxially to a concave high-precision stainless steel conical mirror.

  • Fundamentals of Instrumentation, Process Control,

    2020-7-6  Stainless steel and Inconel are used in extreme temperature applications, and are also suited for corrosive environments. For minimum hysteresis and drift, then Quartz is the best choice. There are two main types of construction and operation of diaphragm sensors. They are.